Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Tour: Ready to Go by Stephanie Mann

Ready To Go

Author: Stephanie Mann
Release Date: 11/12/13
Published by: Swoon Romance


Daniel is sick of his wonderfully boring and predictable life. He dutifully gets up every morning, goes to class, goes to work, and it never changes. He does, says and even wears exactly what others expect of him. He's so predictable that he barely notices just how unhappy he truly is.

One afternoon, everything changes when David meets a girl on the run from her own demons. She doesn't need Daniel's help, but he offers and she accepts--setting a course for an adventure neither will soon forget.

Together, on an impromptu road trip, two strangers become friends and a bit more, all while facing money problems, car problems, and tourist traps and the naked truth: they can't run forever.

Will they finally stop running long enough to discover true and lasting love?


Ready to Go was a cute story. I did have a little trouble pegging the genre because the characters are almost to old for it to be considered a young adult piece, yet they're a little on the young side for a romance novel. To me, it seems like it is floating somewhere in the middle. Both characters had their "young" moments where they acted more like teenagers, but they also had some "grow-up" moments too, where they acted beyond their years. (After some googling and reading, I think it's referred to as NA. Before I joined the blogging world, I never heard of that catergory.)

It was a quick read. That's not to say the writing is simplistic. It was short and sweet. Two young adults, one in college and one not, take off on a trip. Daniel is looking for a little change, and the girl he meets is just trying to get somewhere far away from home. The idea that someone can just drop their life for a day or two like Daniel does is lovely. Everyone wants to do it at some point. It's a romantic idea.

There were some times where I was concerned about Daniel's intentions, though. There were some parts where he was noticing her physical "assets" a little more than I think most narrators would admit, and sometimes it was at weird moments where it didn't feel as ..natural. There are also a few places where the description takes a little longer than helps the story flow - there is a scene in a library that takes the reader a little out of it because the unnecessary length of it.

I could have used a little more, though. I wanted there to be more when I reached the end. It was a sweet, "coming of age", road trip romance that is easy to read and easy to enjoy.


3 stars

About the Author

Stephanie Mann lives in Massachusetts. Besides writing, she spends her free time working with fan conventions. She loves to travel, and has visited many tourist traps along the way. READY TO GO is Stephanie Mann's first novel.

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