Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo by Kerrelyn Sparks

Vampire with Dragon tattoo cover
The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Series: Love at Stake book #14


He's Out of Control
Dougal Kincaid has something to prove. After being injured in a battle with the Malcontents, he's ready for active duty protecting unsuspecting mortals from these villainous vampires who want to rule the world. But first he has to get control of himself . . . because just the sight of a certain lovely doctor has his injured hand doing some peculiar things, not to mention the sizzling sensation that burns along his dragon tattoo.
Vampires? Vampires?! As a scientist, Leah is having trouble believing that these immortal creatures exist. But there they are, standing in front of her, asking for help in solving a genetic puzzle that can save mankind. There's even one in a sexy kilt! Just one look into Dougal's gorgeous green eyes sets her pulse racing. But can she trust him—and the overwhelming desire that refuses to be ignored?
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Kerrelyn Sparks has hit it out of the park again. Her Love At Stake books have never disappointed me. I stumbled across the first one several years ago, and I was hooked. Her characters are well-rounded, well-thought out, quirky and all together fun to read about. Vampires, Werewolves, Were-bears, etc. I'll take them all. The world she has created in this series has kept me coming back for more and more. She is one of those authors that make me wish the book was longer when I reach the end.
I've been waiting to hear Dougal's story for some time. When he lost his hand in battle, I knew that we were in for an interesting ride with him somewhere down the road. As a particularly big fan of Scotsmen, I was excited to see that she had decided to write his story now. I love the brooding, "dangerous", and wonderfully handsome Scotsmen that she writes. (Most of the other males leads are just as brooding, dangerous, and handsome.)
Every time the good vampires get rid of a bad guy, the Malcontents seem to spawn a new, bigger and badder vampire who is ready to destroy the good vampires and take over the world. And once again, the good vampires have to intervene to save the humans from them. All the while knowing that they're not going to get any real recognition for their efforts or even their sacrifices.
Another unwitting human female is brought into the world of the vampires, this time, she is a scientist who specializes in genetics. She had no idea that vampires or other supernatural creatures were real, so she has a hard time coming to grips with it when she is brought to Romantech to help out the good vampires. As soon as she appears on the security camera feed, Dougal knows that there is something different about her - his body reacts to her instantly.
This is another amazing book in a great series. I loved it, and I look forward to reading the next one.


5 stars