Review Policy

If you would like me to review your book, please read this page carefully! I am excited that you decided to stop by my blog and consider me for the chance to review your book. I am a voracious reader, always looking for the next book to read and enjoy to the fullest. I would love the chance to read your work and share it with my blogging community.

What format of books do you accept for review?

While I prefer the experience of a reading a book in print, I will accept digital forms (i.e. Kindle, pdf). I will also accept ARCs.

Additionally, I am not above reading a self-published Kindle book as long as the formatting is done well, and the book has been checked and edited for errors. Nothing makes reading a book harder than bad grammar, spelling, and other easy to make mistakes.

What genre of books do you accept?

Paranormal romance is my main preference. I will, however, read almost any other genre if I enjoy the premise. Other genres I enjoy are Young Adult, Romance, Historical Romance, Science Fiction, all forms of Fantasy, Gothic literature, and Murder/Mystery books. I am less likely to review Non-fiction and Christian literature as I have no background in them.

What kind of posts do you do?

I am open to doing guest posts, book excerpt posts, and cover reveals in addition to writing reviews. I am not currently enrolled in a blog tour site, but I will pursue it shortly.

How do I request a review?

Submit your review request through the Contact page. It will walk you through the proper steps. Once I have received your request, I will email you back as soon as I can with my decision - whether or not I will review your novel. If I approve your request, I will ask you to email/send me a copy of your novel and a photo of your book cover.

What should I include in my review request?

Please include your Title and Author of the book, a synopsis of your book, the genre of your book, and a link to a website where I can research your book further (i.e. Goodreads).

What should I expect in your review?

Your book cover photo, title, author, series (and number in the series), publication date, source(print, kindle, pdf, arc, etc.), synopsis, my honest opinion, a rating, author info, promotional information, and links to authors page and where to buy upon request. I will also post the review on a site like Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. depending on author preference.

How long will it take you to post my review?

I will try my best to have it up by the date you request or by the release date if I am reviewing an ARC. I will aim to be punctual, but I reserve the right to change the date I post my review if I so choose.

What if you don't like my book?

There are few books that I will outright not like; the likely causes are spelling/grammar errors, poor formatting (if it's a digital copy), or gaping plot holes. If I don't like your novel, I will give it an honest review. I will not, however, be rude or nasty about it. One of my pet peeves are people who are mean/rude to authors who pour themselves into their work only to have people bash your work. I will be polite and fair in my review.

What is the rating system?

half photo half-lip.png - DNF (Did Not Finish)
1 photo 1-lip.png - It was poor. (Bad grammar/spelling, bad formatting)
2 photo 2-lip.png- It was fair
3 photo 3-lip.png - It was good.
4 photo 4-lip.png - It was great!
5 photo 5-lip.png - It was excellent.
*Each rating has a "and a half" for in-between ratings.

Anything else?

Please do not contact me through anything other than my email. I will not accept any other review requests.

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